Solus Stone Ring


It is by far the most popular shape – and with good reason.

A round brilliant shape is the original ‘modern’ cut, developed in the early 20th century.

Consisting of 58 facets, the stone is designed to produce as much sparkle as possible.

The quintessential cut, its versatility means you can set it in a halo, finish with side diamonds, or wear as an elegant solitaire.

Its wearer has a classic, fuss-free approach to style.

You don’t bend to trends; you know what transcends the seasons and have confidence in your own taste.

The ring comes in sizes 5-10 and directly from our silversmiths.

All our rings are anti-allergy and eco-friendly!

Please note because of our limited production run we are only able to produce 100 pieces of jewelry at a time.

Place your order before all pieces are gone!

Material: Zircon diamonds, 100% Sterling Silver

Size of main stone: 2 carat (8 mm / 3 inches)

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